Price List

Video to DVD Transfers
(Betamax, VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, 8mm, Digital Video)

$30.00/DVD (up to 2 hrs. on each DVD)
• Silver DVD with inkjet printed title
• Basic DVD Menu Screen
Additional Copies - $10.00/DVD
(any editing - add $30.00/hour)


NTSC to PAL (and vice versa)


Scanning Services

Print Scanning (prices per print)

300 dpi   $1.00 (up to 8.5x11 print)
300 dpi   $1.50 (larger than 8.5x11 print)
600 dpi   $1.50 (up to 8.5x11 print)
600 dpi   $2.00 (larger than 8.5x11 print)

Slide Scanning (35mm) (prices per slide)
Negative Film Scanning (prices/negative)

2400 dpi   $.65

All above services are saved on a photo CD/DVD.
Additional CD's are $5.00 each.
Additional DVD's are $10.00 each.

Movie Film Transfer (8mm, 16mm, Super8)

3" - $10.00
4" - $20.00
5" - $40.00
6" - $60.00
7" - $80.00
8" - $120.00

Music added for $1.00/song
2 Text Screens and DVD Menu included

Photo Slideshows on DVD


$1.00/scanned photo
$.50/digital photo
• All slideshows include Menu Screen, Transitions, and two text screens
• Additional text screens are $1.00 each
• Additional Copies of Slideshow are $10.00 each
• Added Video Clips are $10.00/clip

Videography and Photography Services

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                Audio Cassette Tape  or LP transfer to CD
   (to audio file or mp3)

Can fit up to 80 minutes of Audio on each CD from either an audio cassette or LP Record.

$20.00 per CD

(this is without track separation- track separation will be an additional $5.00)


Other Record Types

45's - $2.00 per side (6 side minimum)

78's - $4.00 per side (4 side minimum)

Available options:

Case cover listing songs - $5.00

Additional Copies - $5.00 each

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